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Plastic Past

More than 8 million tons of plastic are washed into the world ocean every year.

No more than a third of plastic from under drinking bottles is used.
In countries with little or no recycling infrastructure, communities are suffering. Plastic pollution is chocking rivers and leading to massive landfills where plastic is openly burned, releasing toxins and harming health. Shipping plastic waste to poorer countries is no longer a viable option so we need solutions that can deal with it at source.

There is already huge investments in current outdated technologies and decades of investment in long supply chains with tight profit margins at each stage.

Many of our current waste streams currently have negative value (ie. companies are paying for incineration and landfill). There are great opportunities when starting a process with a negative-value feedstock. This will increase as ‘extended producer responsibility’ is implemented by governments. The new technologies will be disruptive, but can be transformative.