Recycle. Rethink. Repower.


What is World Plastics Summit?
The first World Plastics Summit is being organized to
assemble international research leaders in plastics recycling and redesign in
Monaco, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II, and through generous
funding from Lady Oxana Girko and Mr Oleg Novachuk.
What is the Summit date, time, location?
This Summit meeting will be held on March 24-26 at the Novotel Monte Carlo Hotel as part of the Monaco Ocean Week 2022.
What is the theme of the inaugural Summit?
Fostering global collaboration to accelerate plastics recycling and redesign.
Who participate in the Summit?
Over 70 international attendees including chemists, engineers, environmental scientists, material scientists and sustainability analysts.
What is the goal of the Summit?
This meeting will focus on pre-publication data and long-term research goals
with ample time for discussion, such that the meeting attendees find
opportunities for impactful collaborations.
Why is this Summit so important?
The plastics pollution crisis is one of the most urgent challenges of our time.
While plastic pollution is a global problem, research and innovation in this area is
not yet globally connected. However, the steps to ultimately tackle this problem
will necessitate collaboration and perspective on a global scale.
What is modern recycling?
Recycling might not be reduced to plastics processing. It has become a cultural phenomenon. Today modern designers and decorators create chairs made of old skateboards or make-up consoles made of plastic caps. Eco-activists have changed trends in less than a few decades, and now the world has no stigma for using reused materials. Through social media influencers it has become a very popular trend called recycling and upcycling.
What is the problem of the recycling?
Existing methods of recycling plastic are based on reducing its quality at each stage of processing, since the material loses its strength during traditional processing. The sensitivity of existing plastic recycling methods to the quality of raw materials makes it unbeneficial to recycle most types of plastic.
Why is Enzyme recycling different?
PET is a type of plastics that can be recycled by enzymes.
Enzyme breaks the bonds between the two building blocks of PET. In this way the enzyme converts polyesters into simpler molecules that could be reused, creating a complete cycle of production and processing.
Why is it important to contribute and invest now?
Plastics are incredibly valuable materials, used in clothing, medicine, packaging, buildings, transport. They are part of our world. There is no better alternative to plastics, and this is one of the main issues for businesses today.